New Grantees for 2018:


BPOWER is dedicated to providing technical training to under privileged and orphaned youth in the slums of Kenya.  Their project, funded by a KES 150,000 grant from TechnaoAID engages youth who have some computer literacy to directly recruit and train others in order to build a cohort of trainers.  Those trainers complete additional technical training and continue to recruit other youth for participation.  Youth who have completed the requisite trainings will be provided the opportunity to produce LED based solar lanterns from locally available materials.  The lanterns will be produced, tested and sold through social and print media.  BPOWER will train over 200 youth and utilize the solar lanterns providing income support for their families and their communities.

Letu Sisi

In 2018 Letu Sisi was the recipient of a TechnaoAID grant in the amount of KES 130,185 to implement a skill building program for 27 youth manufacturing soccer balls and tailoring school uniforms.  These products have a high demand in the region and their sale will enable youth participants to develop a micro enterprise and revolving credit fund to assist other groups of youth. “Korogocho slums is the home of one of the largest dumping sites in Africa at Dandora.  Most young people start sniffing the famous glue as the look for things on the dump site to buy more glue and drugs. This is a slum where drug abuse is a serious matter of great concern.  Young people start taking drugs at adolescence stage and engage in criminal activities as early as the age of 12 years old.  We have seen some of them gunned down by police in robbery with violence.  Children who could end up being future leaders wasted due to poverty in the slums. This is what moved me as the Bishop of Letu Sisi to think of a way we can rescue the lives of this young and potential youths and help them to reform and become useful people in the society.  That is how Letu Sisi  was born where hopeless young people can come and helped to restore hope for their future successes in life.  We are mainly committed to transforming the lives of this young people as a Church initiative with a holistic approach, physically, spiritually, socially and economic transformation.” Soccer balls produced and sold by youth participants in Letu Sisi programs.

Goodwill Agenda: Computer literacy training programs for disadvantaged young women

The Goodwill Agenda was founded in April 2009 by Paulina Kkaemba, a young social entrepreneur.  The organization focuses on skills development for previously disadvantaged young women who are currently in high school, tertiary and unemployed young women. Training courses in interview preparation, self–discovery and purpose,  entrepreneurship in tourism and computer literacy. A 2018 TechnoAID grant in the amount of Ksh 147,710 allowed the organization to begin and train over 100 disadvantaged girls in Mombasa  to become computer literate at no cost to them. At the conclusion of the grant period the organization had purchased 20 computers, conducted countless training courses for young girls and supported instruction at two local schools.

Jicho Pevu Youth Group

In 2018 TechnoAID awarded Jicho with a Ksh 150,000 grant to enable the group to provide training to 60 youth, designed to prepare them for a life off the streets, out of the slums and into a professional world.  Training topics included life skills, business development, management, professional development, financial education and literacy. Graduates moved into Jicho’s employment program working together as a sale force for socially transformative products like LED lamps, sanitary pads, and eyeglasses.  As Sales Agents, youth then help Jicho to identify, develop, and sell new products under the mentorship of a Senior Sales Agent. Youth receive a modest base salary and earn a 50% commission on the profits of every product sold. Jicho provides incentives to grow within the company and receive commissioned sales. All youth have regular access to social workers, gender-specific support groups and ongoing training. Youth exit Jicho ready for life off the streets. Since March 2018, Jicho has trained 39 (18 female) youth in our Street Youth Training Program with an 82% success rated defined by the number of youth that graduated from training programs and continue on to start their own businesses, further their education, find internships, or secure full-time employment. An additional 45 street youth participated in financial literacy training.